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Tesla autopilot scares drivers because it does weird things on the road
28.10.2021 [10:18],
Konstantin Khodakovsky

Once again, we have to admit that in reality there are no mass-produced vehicles with full-fledged autopilot on the market, despite the misleading names of some of the advanced driver assistance systems. Tesla recently began activating «full autopilot» as part of limited testing, warning that the system could do «the wrong thing at the most inopportune moment», and so far this warning is quite justifiable.


The most disturbing video came from Omar Qazi — his Tesla car, using beta version of full autopilot, sharply deviated between lanes while driving under heavy traffic. The clip was republished by Tesla critic Greta Musk, but now it has already been removed due to a complaint from the copyright holder:

�� Omar Qazi nearly crashes his #Tesla while using «Full Self Driving» beta software. None of the other cars consented to his experiment. $ TSLA $ TSLAQ / uU2RT9l5ZI

— Greta Musk (@GretaMusk) October 25, 2021

Another video clip, published by Tesla critic TESLAcharts, shows a car running on beta full autopilot behaving very dangerously around corners in the dark:

Take 41 seconds and watch this video.
H / T @StultusVox
cc @Tweetermeyer @PAVECampaign @ AlexRoy144 $ TSLAQ / 4neqQxJPwr

— TC (@TESLAcharts) October 25, 2021

Oliver Cameron, CEO of autonomous driving technology company Voyage, tweeted a video of Tesla’s full autopilot system errors. In one of them, the car almost crashed into oncoming traffic when it incorrectly estimated which lane it should turn into.

four. Map challenges ��
FSD appears to not detect this median, and thus tries to drive down the wrong side of the road.
Is this an “edge case” to iron out, or is it a monstrously large technical challenge to infer road rules in real-time? / zmxlLAA1gz

— Oliver Cameron (@olivercameron) October 24, 2021

In another, the automatics simply counted the one-way road as a regular two-way road, blocking the left lane.

five. Map challenges ��
FSD appears to not understand that this is a one-way street, preventing the lane change to the left.
Humans intuitively recognize this based on the directions of parked cars (and signs). Machine intelligence is not quite at that level. / w6aDjEUZth

— Oliver Cameron (@olivercameron) October 24, 2021

And here it is shown how a car gets confused with a turn at a non-standard intersection and forces the driver to intervene — such cases indicate that you need to be extremely careful and not relax while driving when using “full autopilot”:

6. Map challenges ��
I’m not quite sure what’s going on here, honestly. The route for the vehicle keeps switching from going left to right, causing a need for driver intervention as the vehicle dives for the curb.
This is why drivers need to be attentive at all times. / zDMBhu2aqE

— Oliver Cameron (@olivercameron) October 24, 2021

The system decides to continue driving at an unregulated intersection, even when an oncoming vehicle is driving along it — the situation again required driver intervention. Perhaps, in this case, darkness limits the range of cameras and machine vision algorithms:

nine. Vision challenges ��
FSD decides to proceed at an unprotected junction even while a vehicle in cross-traffic is oncoming. This requires driver intervention.
Perhaps the dark limited the range of the cameras and vision algorithms? / STQX25GOQX

— Oliver Cameron (@olivercameron) October 24, 2021

The problems with the system were pointed out not only by the loudest critics of Tesla. Tesla driver Zeb Hallock posted a video of his car stopping a couple of times in rainy weather in North Carolina; mostly used the left turn signal, regardless of which direction he turned; once slightly exceeded the speed limit and sometimes did not understand which lane it should be on:

In the end, the beta test is intended to identify problems before a full-fledged mass deployment. In general, the autopilot performs well even on wet, bumpy and narrow North Carolina roads. But cornering problems can ruin everything. By the way, one of the videos posted by Cameron shows how the system successfully bypasses a badly parked car:

13. When you don’t have a pre-recorded HD map to localize to, or a lidar, it can be tough to accurately perceive the exact proximity of objects with the required granularity.
As such, this slight deviation for a parked vehicle was very nice! / LxspY1SNpX

— Oliver Cameron (@olivercameron) October 24, 2021

However, at the moment, use this system with extreme caution, completely focusing on the road with your hands on the steering wheel and a willingness to take control at any time. Also, in case of problems while driving, it is advisable to press the «Report» button so that Tesla engineers receive information about the difficulties and try to overcome them.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said it is monitoring the new full autopilot system and will intervene if it considers it to pose an unacceptable safety risk. The agency emphasized that while in the event of an accident in the absence of driver control, it is the person behind the wheel that will be considered the culprit, and not Tesla.

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